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A comprehensive and humorous study of Druidism within the confines of Neo-Paganism…..

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Course Syllabus & Information
A comprehensive and humorous study of Druidism within the confines of Neo-Paganism. A must for anyone called to the Druid path. The lessons are the result of years of study, drawn from thisĀ bibliography, and the experiences of the authors. Just as Druidism is a living, evolving tradition, so too has this course evolved and has been revised over time. Version 18 is the latest edition of the material, reflecting changes that have occurred in the Reform over the last few years. Be warned: other versions found on the web are not current and contain inaccurate and outdated material..

Lesson 1: A (Very) Brief History of Modern Neo-Druidism
Lesson 2: Societal Programming & Early Indoctrination
Lesson 3: Ethics of the Druids
Lesson 4: Metaphysical Theory
Lesson 5:”Nature is”
Lesson 6: On Nature: Another View
Lesson 7: The Nature of Deity
Lesson 8: The Unique Deities of Reformed Druidism
Lesson 9: 7 Characteristics of the Reformed Druid
The Druid Path Midterm Exam
Lesson 10: Liturgical Construction
Lesson 11-A: The Druish Annual Cycle
Lesson 11-B: The Druish Annual Cycle
Lesson 11-C: The Druish Calendar
Lesson 12: Symbols of Druidic Identification
Lesson 13: Water Sharing & The Rite of the Waters of life
Lesson 14: The Reformed Druids of Gaia
Final Exam

Bonus Material included in Version 18:
Sybok Pendderwydd’s and Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear’s essays
Advice on starting a Reformed Druid Grove
Much, much more!